The Iowa took part in a community service event as part of their November tribe meeting. The group braved the frigid temps to hit the streets of Olmsted Township in support of the Christians in Action "Turkey Hunt". The Hunt is an effort to collect non-perishables and canned goods for the local food pantry that are used to provide Thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate. The group was out in full force and gained a couple of tribe members for the day, as sisters Grace Gibson and Hannah Rossini temporarily defected from their tribes for the day to help the cause!!! After the event the tribe gathered and warmed up with hot chocolate and snacks "indoors", as they discussed future outing plans. The main topic of discussion, which was worth a few laughs, was the bitterly cold weather and fact that another group jumped several of the tribe's designated routes. The main thing was that the kids all still came out a little wiser, having learned a valuable lesson in what it can mean to help the less fortunate.