Camp Fitch Final Sign Up


Camp FITCH is just a week away! Don’t MISS OUT…REGISTER Today!! Hope to see you there!!!

Registration closes Monday morning so I can turn in final numbers to camp along with dietary needs for the group. So please register asap. I see some are registered but the items are still in the cart. Please be sure to pay and let me know if you run into issues.

Looks like everything is in place to have a Traditional Winter Campout! Friday we’ll register at Teaberry Lodge. You’ll check in, receive your cabin assignment, patch, camp map, etc. They run everyone’s ID upon check-in and possibly do temperature checks. The expectation is we wear face masks while indoors and not eating or drinking. Last year we wore them indoors in the common areas but not in our lodges, so I am expecting the same. Otherwise, it’s going to be camp as usual.

Head down to Andrews Hall after you settle into your lodge. We’ll be enjoying crafts, games, snacks and having a good time! I’m hoping they’ll have the sledding hill open Friday. Don’t forget to eat before you arrive as dinner is not provided Friday evening. We provide Saturday meals and Sunday breakfast.

Saturday during the day we’ll have things available for vests. I have sample vests to try on. We can also have a couple members available to help guide you on assembly. I have some supplies to help as well. We’ll have Broken Arrow kits available free of charge for those participating in the Broken Arrow Ceremony Saturday at the council fire. The ceremony is for members in the 5th grade and moving up to the Pathfinders tribe. If your child was in 5th grade last year or this year they can participate in the ceremony. I also have Mini Cars available for purchase so you can get a head start on this year's design!

Don’t forget we are having a Talent Show after the council fire. No act is too small and any member young or old can participate. We CHEER for everyone!!!

Dress warm and be prepared for the unexpected. Its northeast Ohio in February. You know the drill.

See you there,

Matt “Events Chief Skylander” Rebraca

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