Winter Activity

One of our biggest events of the year.  Typically held at Camp Fitch YMCA, kids and parents embark on adventures in the winter including cross country skiing, horse back riding, candle making, cookies and skits by huge fire in the main lodge and so much more...

Spring Sleepover

A new venue every year and a chance to experience something in your city in a whole new light.  We have had sleepovers at the Museum of Science, Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo, Cleveland Aquarium and who knows where our next venue might be...Progressive Field maybe???

Foggy Campsite
Summer Tent Camping

When was the last time you packed up tents and camped with your family under the stars.  Campfires, canoeing, archery, hiking, boating, beaches and lakes and enjoying sunshine and the great outdoors.

Wooden Cabins
Fall Cabin Camping

The turning of the leaves, the cooling of autumn, that last chance to live outside before old man winter ushers us all the other wonderful campouts adventures are plenty and memories will be made.



Mini Car Races

A block of wood...carved with your son or daughter...molded into a creative design or aerodynamic machine.  An opportunity to compete with other NSAD members.  This is an adventure every parent and child should enjoy once.

Annotation3 2020-08-09 143901.png
Fishing Derby

Get for our annual month long Native Sons and Daughters fishing derby!!!!  You can fish anytime you like, wherever you like and how often you like!!! 


Catch the most fish or the largest fish or even the smallest fish. We have some great prizes to give away.  All you have to do is take a picture and post to our Facebook or Instagram.  Like or follow us and you will be entered into a prize give away contest regardless if you catch anything at all! 

Rocket Launches

A thrilling experience for all.  Pick up your own rocket kit, rocket fuel packs and join us in send our rockets to the clouds.  It is simpler than you think and watching your rocket soar is an amazing memory you will create with your child.




Our annual event at the Strongsville Chalet open to all family and friends of NSAD members.

Family Bowling

Great fun with family and friends.  Pizza and prizes await...


Open to all we march in several parades through out the summer including the exciting duck tape festival!

Image by lauren lulu taylor

Our end of year holiday opportunity to dress up and spend a wonderful evening with your family.

Non Profit Organization

"NSAD is a non profit organization dedicated to creating events for families to spend time with kids and create memories.  The annual costs for families are meant to cover insurance and basic administration.  All events are paid for a la carte and you choose which adventures to go on.  There are no fund raising or giving requirements."

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